Eiropas un Amerikas modes jaunu 2019 biezs papēdis piedurknēm Ādas Dāmas Sexy gājiena attālumā ceļa reizes zābaki taisni-cauruļu gari zābaki


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€97.14 €43.72

Tagi: shuzumiao, bērniem kneepad, bērnu ceļgalu aizsardzībai, 20 cm augsts papēdis, dāmas garš ceļa augstpapēžu zābaki, papēdis sandales, sieviešu čūska ceļa augstpapēžu zābaki, papēža tērauda, dāmas rhinstone ceļa augstpapēžu zābaki, Bērni, Ceļa Un Pad.

  • Ar Platformu: No
  • Nodaļas Nosaukums: Pieaugušie
  • Slēgšanas Tips: Slip-On
  • Vārpstas Materiāls: Microfiber
  • Modelis Tips: Cietie
  • Sezona: Ziemas
  • Odere-Genuine Ādas Tips: Cūku ādu
  • Zābaku Tips: Pamata
  • Papēža Augstums: Super High (8cm-up)
  • is_handmade: Jā
  • Zole Materiāls: Gumijas
  • Oderes Materiāls: Genuine Āda
  • Papēža Tips: Kvadrātveida papēdi
  • Zābaku Augstums: Pār-the-Ceļgala
  • Pirksta Formu: Norādīja Toe
  • Virsas Materiāls: Microfiber
  • Fit: Der patieso lielumu, ņem savu normālo izmēru
  • Modes Elements: ROMA
  • Vienuma Tips: Zābaki
  • Zolīte Materiāls: Cūku ādu
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: ARQA
натуральная замша спилок дешевая ,цвет не такой как на фото ,темнее в розовый оттенок ,не совсем то ,что я хотела .каблук пришел с браком плохо проклеен и слишком высокий для этого подъема ,надо спиливать набойку ,или будет неудобно ходить.Написала продавцу он ответил быстро ок и пока я не вижу результатов спора.Дополню отзыв позднее
Kalskeez XD
Beautiful. The quality is good,, the socks of the boots are so accurate, neat. Suede is most likely really natural, because the boots are heavy, and the material itself is quite thick. Inside the skin or leatherette, I can not understand. Insole without fur. The smell is there, but the glue is nowhere to be seen, and the smell almost immediately begins to disappear. The color is beautiful light, very similar to the one in the picture. I got boots at the top of the leg circumference a little, as if I really hope that I can clean, in the rest, the boots are completely clean everywhere. Wear European size 37(23.5 cm) foot medium width and high rise, the circumference of the calf is about 30 cm. I bought the size 37(23.5 cm). Because of the high rise of my legs, I shoved my boots with great difficulty. It was very difficult for me to get inside the boot. I understand, it's summer now, legs are swelling, and I really hope that I can shoe boots much lighter, than today. Inside the foot, I'm normal in size. thanks to the seller and the store. I recommend.
I do not even know what grade to put... Boots are really cool, I'm certainly not a shoe technologist, but also in tactile sensations, and by smell, it seems that the materials are really natural, not golimaya synthetics. But... I have a very narrow leg, I wear 37 size, there is no lift at all, and after reading here Reviews took 36 size. I did not fit into them at all! And it's not in the length of the foot, I could not put this very Foot in the boots at all. The feeling that it was some kind of marriage, and in length they can and normal, and the lift was made for a child for 10 years. Once again, the leg is very narrow, and the problem is not to squeeze the leg all my life, and do not fly out of shoes) issued a refund, money returned at all without problems (there is something to compare-one "especially smart" seller third week tells I don't care about as he sent an untraceable parcel nowhere, closing with all possible protection). In this case, I did not communicate with the seller, but once again I will emphasize that I returned the money immediately.
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